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At SING (Sharing and Inspiring Natural Greatness) our goal is to help people live great lives. One of the ways we do this is by sharing the power of essential oils. Essential oils (when perfectly pure and therapeutic grade) have an incredible ability to support your body and mind giving complete well being physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Story about the Founders of SING

My wife is an amazing and confident mother. This has not always been the case, 2 and 1/2 years ago she was a mess, she had just given birth to our son and things had not gone according to plan. She wanted to be a “natural parent” and have a natural, home birth. As she lay in hospital after a less then ideal birth she felt like a failure. She wanted to be a good mother but she felt like she had not even manged to start things out right. She felt guilty, upset and overwhelmed.

She made a decision there and then to be the “natural parent” and great mum that she always wanted to be regardless of the birth. So she set about looking for ways to “make-up” for the less then ideal start. However the world of natural health is confusing and full of conflicts. Not knowing who to trust and feeling a total lack of self-confidence she wondered if she could should just give up the whole idea of being a natural mum.

Thankfully “Grandma” was there to help. My mum (Cathy) is a nurse, trained natrapathic nutritionist and grandmother of 7 healthy grandchildren. On top of all this she also had a deep knowledge of aromatherapy (the use of essential oils). With the help of Grandma, Crystal learned how to transform the well-being of the whole family. She learnt what to eat and feed our son, how positive attitude can help us all be healthy and of course how to use essential oils to help support our bodies in being healthy and emotionally stable.

Natural Mum

Since coming out of hospital at less then a week old our son has never had any medication, never been to the doctors (except for regular check-ups) and only had one proper fever in over 2 years. He is the healthiest 2 year old we know. But best of all Crystal feels like a great mum, confident in the way she looks after the health needs of our family and thankful for everything she has been able to learn. Crystal confidently shares her “natural parenting” experience with anyone who is interested and receives many compliments on how well she is doing as a mother and how amazing our son is.

This is the reason why we have committed to helping other people experience better health and well-being in their families. Not everyone has a “Natural Grandma” to turn to for help and guidance but we hope that we can be their as a guide to help as many people as we can to experience the best wellness possible.

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We are not Doctors or health care professionals, as such we can not diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition. We provide information based on Young Living Essential Oils only, benefits discussed may not be available with other lower quality essential oils. None of the information on this website has been reviewed or approved by the NHS, FDA or any other statuary body. You are in charge of your health and if required you should seek medical advice from a fully trained professional.

Why we only use Young Living

In our home we only use Young Living essential oils and we only recommend Young Living Essential oils. These oils represent a significant investment at times and can cost between 2 and 5 times other available brands. So why not use cheap oils? We want to do everything naturally, that’s why we use essential oils in the first place. Thereof using oils that are not organic, not pure and not extracted and stored in the best way is just a waste of time. Because of the Young Living seed to seal promise we know that every drop of oil is perfectly pure and at its highest potency possible. No other major oil brand has their own farms, their own distilleries and their own test facilities so no other brand can make the bold promises that Young Living makes and no other company invites their customers to be a part of the planting and harvesting process to see first hand what the seed to seal promise is all about.

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